We understand the impact that business activities can have on the environment. We recognise the importance of measuring the firm's impact on the environment and have implemented initiatives to help achieve a high standard of environmental care.


We work hard to always Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to ensure our waste is kept to a minimum which combined lessens our carbon footprint.


Our policies at a glance!


•    Use of 100% FSC purchased paper.


•    Efficient use of energy and water.


•    Recycling initiatives.


•    Reusable printer cartridges.


Our suppliers of print and stationary are accredited by The Forestry Stewardship Council. Our suppliers ensure that all products supplied to the firm are from a certified forest, controlled source or is a recycled product.


We can therefore have full confidence that we are not contributing towards the damage or destruction of ancient forests, jeopardising wildlife or spoiling the natural world for future generations.


Seamless Service, Positive Results

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